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 Creative Cocoon


23rd July - 29th July, 2023

We invite to join us and explore your own creative journey or you may choose to simply relax, replenish, retreat, rest and surrender your mind and body in the cocoon and the tranquil setting at beautiful Villa Gaia.

Gaia, 2017

Watch the sun rise over the pool as it peeps through the palm trees, gently welcoming you to each new day. 



Kim 1_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

What can I say?? I attended the Betsy Hanson Nourish You Singing Retreat in July 2019. I didn't know anyone else who was going and it was just what I needed at that time. A precious week out of reality and a real treat. Time to reconnect with other beautiful women.

I didn't have to make any decisions, make any beds, do any cooking.  

It was bliss. The rooms were lovely, the food was delicious and plentiful, the other woman were and still are amazing and the retreat programme was one of the best experiences I have had.

I feel as though I have made 17 new friendships. We ate and played and sang and meditated and shared all things together. Had a ball. Found my singing voice, found my centre.

First time to Bali and it and the people are just beautiful. Definitely going back for 2020.

Kim Chandler - Storey, KINGSTON BEACH TAS

I have participated in the Nourish You, Singing retreat in Ubud for the last 3 years in succession. Before my first year I had not tried to sing at all in a group. In fact, I was told to not give up my day job.

I had no idea where my voice was sitting and it soon became apparent that I felt most comfortable and happy singing in a low key. I've had a great time at all of the 3 retreats with the singing, the wonderful new friendships and so much fun.

Since I attended my very first retreat I have now joined the local choir and I have started playing and singing with a group of Ukulele players in our local area.

All of the wonderful changes in my life from my retreats have been surprising and I highly recommend the Nourish You Singing retreats. They really have changed my life.


"The way I sing is now, is completely different - more free and emotive, and this is the way I live now too"....

On leaving the retreat I was frustrated by my inability to express the profound impact it had on my entire being, but one month on I have clear evidence of the effects of it on my life. Situations that would normally ignite panic are opportunities to present my calm, regulated self. The way I sing is now, is completely different - more free and emotive, and this is the way I live now too. Any blocks around creativity are miniscule and I have motivation and energy to apply myself to my music and other feats without self-criticism. My once persistent doubts and fears are only shadows in the background and the main event is hope and love and excitement.

I feel healed, transformed, and none of this would be possible if not for every activity on the retreat, and most of all, the wisdom of Betsy, Jan and Milinda

Nikola Martino, DIANELLA WA

I came to Bali looking for a better voice to give to the choir with whom I have been singing with for 10 years. In the truly nourishing space of this retreat, I found my feet, I found my heart, I found new friends to cherish and during the retreat I discovered t that the voice I already had was authentic and true for sweet harmonies, bold unison, chants and rounds.

For the joy, love and laughter, Suksma Betsy, Jan, Milinda and Gillian. I hold you all dear in my heart.

Nell Hilliard, SANDY BAY TAS

"This was the best week of my life".....

I enjoyed the pampering, the nurturing and the freedom from having to organise. I enjoyed knowing that this week, was just for me and that I got to reconnect with the Indonesian culture.


"I Rediscovered the unadulterated passion I used to have for music, as well as my Love for Singing"...

I previously trained as a vocalist at the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). Training under constant scrutiny in such a high pressure environment, I came to believe over time that I really had nothing of creative worth to offer others. Before attending 'Nourish You', my lack of self-belief had escalated to the point where I had significant performance anxiety that prevented me from singing in front of others. I honestly did not believe it was possible to undo years of fear and self-doubt in the space of a week, but Betsy and 'Nourish You' proved me wrong.

Being in such a non-judgmental and positive environment gave me the supportive space I needed and for the first time since training, I felt safe enough to face my fears. I can honestly say without reservation that Betsy, Milinda and Jan changed my life. I rediscovered the unadulterated passion I used to have for music, as well as my love for singing - something that had left a void in my soul since it disappeared. I now feel complete, fulfilled and at peace, and could not have done it without the amazing women who fostered and nurtured such a magical environment for growth, creativity and genuine joy.

Keryn Keast, PERTH WA

caro gaia_edited.jpg

I really enjoyed the Nourish You retreat. I found the combination of the program and the personal growth-promoting activities, the singing & free time for reflection and the pampering, to work well. The singing was great and I loved how the group came together in harmony so well.

The setting at the lovely Villa Gaia was perfect, a beautiful relaxing atmosphere, amazing food & lovely staff who looked after us so well. It provided a good mix of activity & space.

Some of my friends had been following my exploits on facebook and are keen to come to the next retreat.


What I enjoyed most about the retreat was: The singing, morning reflections and sharing around the circle. The great space at Villa Gaia with amazing food, amazing hospitality, being so completely looked after, the circle of loving and accepting women, the support and care given to experiment and play with my voice.

Incredible gratitude and thanks for creating a nourishing, gentle, supportive and inspirational space for us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Suzanne Schulz, HOBART TAS

Join us in beautiful Ubud and take time to rest, replenish, recalibrate and explore your creativity. 

Sample Daily Schedule  


Have a relaxing start to your day with as Lucinda leads you in a one  hour session of yoga. Rest assured if you have never attempted yoga before, you will soon feel at ease and the sessions will be gentle. Chair yoga is also on offer.

Morning & Evening Circles

Milinda will commence the week with an inspiring creative meditation to help you enter your creative zone. Then together with mindfulness, sharing and relaxation, Milinda & Betsy will guide you as you greet and farewell each day. 

Creative Sessions

Daily creative and fun group sessions to help to ignite your creativity.


In the afternoon we invite you to explore your own creative practice. Bring your own tools of your trade  - art supplies, musical instrument, writing supplies, craft materials etc.

Whether your interest is reading, sketching, writing, painting, knitting, photography, origami, puzzles, music, embroidery, poetry, card making or your unique creative passion. 

You can set your own schedule to dedicate to your practice. We will also provide coloured pencils, charcoal sticks, textas, paints, art pads, etc for those who may want to have a creative play. 

Create, Collaborate or Rest 

We will offer collaborative or rest spaces in or near the main area of Gaia so that you can work alone or share with like-minded others in collaboration or connection.


You may prefer to spend your time replenishing your energy by choosing to swim, rest, read or nap to nurture your mind, body & soul.  

Try Something New

Want to explore a new creative venture in the afternoon? You may like to try the many artistic workshops on offer around Ubud e.g Jewellery making, Batik making or visit the Pyramids of Chi for a deep sound immersion. 

Complimentary Excursions​

We offer you two unique excursions so that you can learn more and experience the beauty and splendour of Balinese culture.

Group Singing

Betsy will lead you in a group singalong as you gather in a circle to relax for impromptu singing. 

Facilities at Villa Gaia

On-site massage available (see reception for bookings & price guide)

Infrared sauna

Soft,hot tub jacuzzi 

Salt water swimming pool

You will have plenty of time to relax around the pool or the dining table to have some engaging chats. For those who only have the week in Ubud, there will be some free time in the afternoons for you to go off and explore on your own adventure. 

Evening Ritual

Every evening to help you sleep, Milinda and Betsy will guide you through a beautiful meditation and relaxation session with gentle sound experiences including singing bowls.


7 days/6 nights - Twin Share accommodation with exclusive use of the property, especially for our Creative Cocoon Retreat 

Your retreat commences at 3.00pm,  Sunday 23rd July and ends at 10.00am on Saturday 29th July, 2023.

*** It is essential for all participants to arrive at the retreat venue by 2.00pm as we all prepare to commence our retreat together at 3.00pm on Sunday 23rd July.***


All meals are included,.




Our Chefs prepare delicious meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Free Airport Transfers

Transfers are available from the airport for participants arriving on Sunday 23rd July and departing Saturday 29th July, 2023.  


  • Welcome Drink on arrival.

  • One complimentary 1 x hour massage for each participant. (Additional Massage services available on site)

  • Infrared sauna

  • Soft hot tub, jacuzzi 

  • Private beautiful chlorine-free pool 

Free daily shuttle bus for participants travelling into Ubud in the afternoon. Bookings at reception (please see reception for departure time) 


Super Early Bird - PAYMENT IN FULL

$2,399 per person, twin share, save $400

Expires 31st January, 2023

Early Bird - Payment Plan:

$2,599 per person, twin share, save $200

Expires 28th February, 2023

Payment 1: $399 deposit due on registration

Payment 2: $1,100 due 1st March, 2023.

Payment 3: $1,100, final payment due by 1st May 2023.

Full Price:

From 1st March, 2023

$2,799 per person, twin share

Payment 1: $399 deposit due on registration

Payment 2: $1,200 due 15th March 2023

Payment 3: $1,200, final payment due on or before 1st May 2023.

*** Special Conditions Apply

All participants Bookings must be accompanied by proof of Comprehensive International travel insurance. 

You deserve to gift yourself!

sothe adventure begins.jpg

In Ubud, on the beautiful island of Bali.

Who we are...


Betsy Hanson, Facilitator

Betsy Hanson is a Musician, a Choir Director/Arranger and Facilitator based in Hobart.

She is an engaging teacher and leader who brings a lightness, sense of humour and connectedness to all the retreats, programs, workshops that she develops and to all of the activities she runs for young people and asylum seekers.

Betsy, along with Jan and Milinda, created and facilitated the 'Nourish You women's Singing Retreat", in Ubud Bali in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.

In 2019, Betsy was recognised for her work in the community over the last 25 years, when she was a nominee in the Local Hero Category for the Australian of The Year Awards, 2020.


Jan Boyanich, Co-ordinator

Jan will organise everything, answer your questions and look after you, before and during the retreat. She will also set you at ease, sing like an angel and be your go-to gal. Jan has sung in duos, with Nourish Choir, in an acappella quartet, she has co-ordinated events and hosted Open-Mic sessions and is also a Reiki Master and loves working with her clients on their healing journey.

Jan is also a whizz bang administrator and she is happiest when joining all the dots, being so full of ideas and seeing it all come together! She is an amazing ball of energy and passion.


Milinda Rodziewicz, Guest Facilitator

Milinda is excited to be joining us in Bali again after co-facilitating the Nourish You Women Singing Retreats from 2016-2019.
Milinda’s qualifications and experience include, but are not limited to: Associate Diploma in health science (sport and exercise) , Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Reiki practitioner, Food and Spirit practitioner, Diploma in children’s services (centre based care), Infant massage instructor, Children’s book writer & creator of the course “21 Day Activate your Creativity Challenge”

With over 20 years working in the health industry as a massage Therapist, Milinda has combined and practiced Massage with meditation and facilitates small groups in her hometown of Lennox Head NSW.


Lucinda Bresnehan, Yoga Teacher

We would like to introduce Lucinda and welcome her to our 'Creative Cocoon Retreat' 2023. 

Lucinda is an experienced registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, having completed initial Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Yoga in India, 2008. Subsequent training's since include Level 2 with Purna Yoga in Byron Bay, and specialised trainings for Women, Children and Advanced Yin Yoga. 

Lucinda believes yoga is for everybody and loves sharing the joy yoga brings to our mind body and soul. She is an artist having completed a Batchelor of Fine Arts with honours, represented by Bett Gallery in Hobart, where she lives and works, exhibiting her oil paintings, depicting Tasmanian landscapes and teaching Yoga.



We are delighted to offer our Creative Cocoon Retreat.

For Bookings or more info, please complete the form below. 


Bring a friend & save $200 each! 

     Or call Jan on 0408 156 946 

Thank you for submitting! We will be in touch with you shortly.

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